The Original Zero

The Original Zero
the original zero

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the tao of inversion

Perfection lasts only as long as there is imperfection.

The joyousness of my expression this day is to state - I hold the YTH - knowing my Gwynnies would be proud. I assume, yet I make no assumptions; I assume as to not offend my Gwynnies, there are no assumptions as the will of the moment allows for no other conclusions. I am much pleased.

At present, the YTH is largely a piece of conceptual software for the mind. It began with a journey through the Book of Ezekiel, fluctuates between utter nonsense and being potentially the theology of everything; now stands as three undefined letters giving ellenjanuary glorious definition.

Yes, I feel glorious. I apologize. :)

The perfection of the YTH is in this very moment, which is the impetuous for these scribbles; that there is no greater measurement of the character of ellenjanuary than YTH, yet there is no YTH other than a pinprick of light in my being.

And that is about to change. To bring the YTH into the world is to make it less; for a thing defined, excludes. I have wondered, therefore; how to begin. Once a foundation is laid and construction begins, momentum carries progress in ever-restrictive direction. Thus I consider multiple foundations, to build firstly from something that has always been fundamental with ellenjanuary: science.

I do not believe that there is currently science for what YTH may propose, but I have seen science to propose an explanation for things like YTH; it is with that science that I shall begin. And it may come to pass that the YTH in the world means many things or none; but it need be nothing else than what has been written here.

The quality of my character has long been undefined. I cannot say that I love myself, or that I actually possess any attribute that the world may consider quality; there has been no world, nor no me in the world. There has been just me and my Gwynnies.

That too, is about to change.

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